My name is Fawzi Nain and I have been online for about Three years. I am married for about Twenty-Four years now with two kids.I have long been attracted to the internet lifestyle.After losing my job due to recession, I decided to work for myself. Here I am with all my new friends.

My aim has been to help those who are starting online have a platform on which to successfully start their blog. This is a teidious task but with the proper knowledge and guidance it is not that overwhelming.

Lets begin our journey into a world, which will not be easy,but is easily scalable.

Kind Regards

Fawzi Nain.




How to start?

How to start? How to Start is the most difficult obstacle for a newby. This particular question can take months or even years  to tackle by anyone starting online. I am not saying that this problem is for others only. Anyone new to this have also been faced by this problem. However, after the starting …


Feel free to contact me anytime 24/7.

I will try to answer within 24 hours or at maximum 72 hours.

My Email Address is :marketingwithfawzi@gmail.com

Do not worry I do not bite.

Yours Sincerely.

Fawzi Nain.